Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The One with the Mother (Mrs Smith's Mom)

After several small talks with my mom, it became kind of irritating. Irritating in a weird sense. Sometimes, it just seems that I am the mother and my mother is the daughter. Why did I say so?

Below is a short conversation between my mom and I. (By the way, it is just the gist of it. The actual words might not be as stated).

Me: Mom, what do you want for my wedding?

Mom: Me, I do not want anything.

Me: Really, nothing at all?

Mom: Actually hor, why bother getting the dinner? Why waste all the money? Might as well use all the money and go for a good honeymoon and just get married there.

Me: WHAT!! (in my mind is actually '#$%^&*#$%^&@#%^!')

This 'interesting' conversation did not happen only once. In fact, from what I remembered, this idea popped up from my mother almost trice. This really puts me thinking.

Since even my mother does not request for me to go through the usual customaries, why bother? But in the bottom of my heart, I am still a small little girl that dreamt (since young) of going through this special day in a gorgeous gown with the Mr Right and many friends and relatives are there to accompany us on that day.

BUT!! Other then the being pretty side, there is still a lot of factors to consider and think through before making the final decision.

Hmmm...What should I do now?

Mrs Smith...puzzled....

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