Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Mr Smith and Mrs Smith

Hello everybody! Welcome to our new blog . As the blog's title suggest, this blog is a combine effort blog to pen(type) down the whole(hopefully) planning process of our wedding planning.

The Beginning

Just a little back ground history about us. We have been together since 17th August 2002. We were classmates during our poly days and we have been together since then. 17th August is also her(Chris Goh aka Mrs Smith) birthday. We met on 2nd July 2002, which is the day before my birthday. We know each other for no more than 2 months before we jump into a relationship.  No bulls, it's that fast and now it lasted for this long.

The Proposal

The proposal was made only 9years after being a couple. The "yes" was said on 30th Oct 2011 under the eyes of many friends who help to make the surprise proposal a successful one. We actually video down the process but as of now it is still under editing. *stares at Mr.Ma* Anyway below is a simple picture of the proposal.

I won! 

Why after 9 years?

The journey of 9 years seems like a long time but it's nothing as compared to the coming 30 - 40 years that we are going to commit to each other, so what's the rush? Nothing to hide, Singapore is a place where living standard is getting higher by the day and being a man who has to go through a 2yrs of national service is no joke to the bank account. The amount of allowance we get in the army is more like a deficit than income. My jobs along the way did not earn me enough money to do anything more than just pay for my daily expenses. On top of these, Chris was also doing her degree of four years and thus we have decided to not stress her up with both school and wedding planning. Everything falls in pretty nicely this year when her degree course ended this June while mine ended at October itself. 


We did applied our HDB at the end of 2008 and finally manage to get the confirmation in end year 2009 after 4 BTO tries. Rumor has it that our place will be ready for collection in mid 2012. Which means they only use 30 months to complete the process as compared to the forecasted 60 months(5 years).  It was and still is the biggest buy of my life.

The Denial 

Although we have made a decision to get a HDB flat in the year 2008, I have never consider Chris as my wife or fiancee for the simplest reason. I am not a man who made a proposal with "eh, wanna buy HDB or not?" and this is one of those things that I do not wish to "owe" my wife cause in time to come this will come back and bite me. I can imagine one of those "See! when we were young that time u also neber propose to me~". And in fact for the record, HDB Flat purchase idea was hers. :x. In fact I am very glad that she made this move as I have never thought about it and I never knew it is suppose to take 60months. Imagine the long wait we have to go through if we only decides to take it up now. And of course, the price difference. This is how she complete me in my life, I am always quite a kid when it comes to such planning. And it is also partly screwed up because of our gahment rules. In fact a lot of my friends who did and gotten a flat through BTO later just broke up leaving their $10k-$20k with the gahment for giving up their BTO after "confirming" it. 

What's Next?

We are currently doing some simple planning which we will try to update as often as possible and it is never easy in fact it is like a biggest test of our relationship as it is really not easy to get both party to have a common understanding on the ideas we have. I want it fun and crazy while she wants it pretty and romantic and worst of all the people earning our money really wants our money and it is really expensive! Budget is one of the greatest pain! Being a full time events planner, wedding planning doesn't seems like a big problem to me since I have planned a few for my friends/client or is it? In fact now the biggest problem we are looking at is whether should we settle our ROM in low key and than move into our new place before we do a wedding dinner with Chinese traditional customaries or should everything falls on the same day before the place comes. The later will means that Chris will have to shift to my current/parents' place after the wedding which also means double the effort of moving.  The issue is not of moving with my parents but the issue is that if we could just wait maybe a few months more we can do just it once and for all but yet on the other hand we need the ROM certificate to get our renovation done up first. 

Lots of planning to do a head! Will share it on this blog bits by bits and hope you guys enjoy reading!! 

<i>Mr.Smith, EGGCITED SIA!!</i>


  1. =) congrats bro!! very happy and excited for the both of u!!!


  2. All the best with the wedding plans!! :D And again congratulations on your marriage!

  3. So gonna follow this blog and read on the process! Please update the blog when you can!!

    And hmm, I suggest ROM first? get place, renovate then the dinner?