Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The One with the Guest List

Other than dealing with problems of deciding the date and venue all that, I think that the next big problem will be with the inviting of guests to share our joy on this important day.

However, the problem that Mr. Smith and me are facing is really poles apart (which make me really wonder why we can be together at times). Interesting, he is facing the problem of having too many people to invite and cannot decide who to invite and who not to. Whereas for me, I am facing the problem of having too LITTLE people to invite (quote from Mr Smith: "You have no friends!!!") and do not know who else to include on my list.

People that know us very well would have notice this difference. Mr Smith being the VERY VOCAL one, will always be the one talking to people and making friends. Me on the other hand, is always the VERY QUIET one hiding in the shadow of Mr Smith. To comfort myself slightly, I will tell myself that there is no problem to that ah. However, when it comes to this very moment, looking at my list, it came to me that I really have TOO FEW friends, I started to feel a bit lost. =(

Trying to make myself feel slightly better, I would say Mr Smith started filling up the list first. As such, he included many of our common friends (although he did know them first), thus, I cannot include them on my list. This is also partly the reason of me having less people in my list (still trying to get more excuses).

Something to be happy about so far is that the total number of guests (so far) is not that scary as we have assumed at the beginning. Hopefully it will stay this way (until Mr Smith stun us with any shocking news) throughout!

Mrs Smith

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