Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The One with the Proposal

Happy New Year Everyone! I know it has been awhile since we last blog anything here but that doesn't means we haven't been doing anything about our wedding but it's just that we are too busy to sit down and do any writing here.

I hope you guys have watched the proposal video by now but for those that have done to do it, you may watch the video HERE!

So today I am going to talk about how I actually planned my proposal. For the guys who are reading this, my tips for you is simple, you do not need a big bang bang or fireworks, if your girl love you, even a coke can ring tab works. I planned my proposal with a few main objectives in my mind;

1. Making sure it is a surprise
2. Memories - this who proposal is about where we have been to and the memories we have together as a couple. Use familiar music, use pictures of us together and anything that can pull her memory out from that brain.
3. Not making it a big thing in the public such as flash mob or what not as the Missus is a very shy person.
4. Having my friends here as they are special to us too.
5. Ensure that we video this down as the Missus has very very very bad memory.

Like I always tell everyone, although we have purchased a HDB together, a proposal is something we cannot short change your wife cause they WILL, I repeat, they WILL remember this like FOREVER!

This might not be the most romantic wedding proposal you have watched and neither is it a very creative one but the most important part of it is that I have achieve the objective I have set and I think I pretty much nailed it.

What Happened? 

1. So Faith and Xianrong were planning to have a get together at the hotel earlier the month as it was Xianrong's birthday but we couldn't get the date we wanted and it was pushed to end of the month
2. Taking the opportunity that it seems like any other normal gathering, the factor of surprise should be there and I quickly ask for permission from the guys in using their room and they are ok with it so let the planning begins!
3. TIPS* Keep the planning committee small and lean so that the chance of "wikileak" is lower.
4. TIPS* Do not do anything out of your normal routine to meet any of them. For example you always meet her on a Friday, make sure that you meet her on those Fridays too, or else it will be too obvious you have something up your sleeves!
5. I manage to get "steal" one of her rings on her table to fit her size to make sure that the proposal ring fits.
6. Make sure every of the committee members know their role.
7. So I told Jacky to pick up Chris to Sentosa RWS like what we would have done as usual, I will be at Vivo to meet my client and they will pick me up. I have this benefit as I always meet client at awkward timing on weekends as well. TIPS* : to make it sound really convincing, input emotions like "Knn, weekend also wanna meet" and make sure you plan everything as if you are really ready for a pickup. Example "Eh, let me know when you leave house so I can be ready for pickup at the Taxi Stand or something." In this way, you can time her arrival as well as make it sound convincing.
8. I told her to call Faith upon reaching the hotel as it is a hotel so you need the access card to come up so Faith will pick you up when you guys reach. TIPS* : See, making sure everything is within a controlled environment.
9. When Jacky and her was about to reach, I told her that it seems like I can't make it cause last min client delay me. This still sounded like a routine to me cause this happens too often. At this point of time, I already met Faith earlier to pick up the flowers, checked in and already at the hotel room.
10. Cameras ready, friends standby and waited for her to call Faith for the pick up.
11. TIPS*, only lay the flower when it's very very close to the timing when she is arriving, this is to prevent anyone from touching the flowers on the floor. I also got Wei De to standby an ensure nobody touches them.
12. She reached the level, saw the flowers, saw the camera and in shock.  Objective met.
13. You pretty much watched the rest on the video.
Bonus: After everything is all said and done, she will defiantly ask "How long have you been planning this?" And the answer is NOT last week or last month, the right answer is " The moment I saw you." HAHAH!

So, That's All Folks! Hope you guys enjoyed the proposal video and hope you guys have fun planning your own proposal too!

Mr.Smith, proposal is actually really fun! #TrueStory

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